Maison Monkey is founded by me, Susan Rovers. After many years of working as a designer in the fashion industry with my company Design Deluxe, I decided to go to school again and study interiordesign at Akademie Vogue. This was such a great decision that I started this new company.

When my parents were giving birth to me they had to give me a name. They were doubting between Susan and Judy. They decided to name me Susan because Judy was a monkey in the series Daktari. They were afraid that kids should bully me because of that. Nowadays I think Judy is a great name and besides that I love monkeys and chimps. And so Maison Monkey was born…

Are you up in the tree and don’t know what to do? Let’s go bananas and call Maison Monkey for interior restyling & design and brand identity design & concepts. For all other requests just let me know and we can drink a good cup of coffee.

Enjoy my designs!